Captains' Letter

Updated: 5 July, 2019 4:17pm by Shujaat

(1) Timing
(2) Rules + General Behaviour
(3) Waiver/Legal
(4) Lounge + Cleanliness
(5) Prayer + Talk
(6) Security of Personal Items
(7) Protective Equipment
(8) Team Colours

(1) TIMING: The gym opens at 9:00 AM. The first game starts at 9:35 AM and we hope to finish by or before 4:00 PM

  • Timings and deadlines will be strictly followed to manage all of the teams and players and to abide by the schedule.  We ask for your utmost cooperation in this.
  • You are all responsible for showing up on time for your games. If any team is not ready for their first game at the scheduled time, the Delay of Game or Forfeit rules will be applied re: Tournament Rules - as they will be for every game throughout the day. 
  • In previous tournaments, there have been teams penalized for failing to be ready for the first game, which eventually affected their place in the standings, so please plan accordingly and consider this fair warning so complaints or requests for exemptions will not be entertained.  If there are major delays for whatever reason, time may be shortened for all games.
  • Throughout the tournament, it is the team's responsibility to know when they are playing and which gym they are playing in.  There is a small window of time between games (approximately 2 minutes), so please be prepared to make the transition in and out of the gym quickly and smoothly.  Please limit your warm ups - you will be cutting your own game time as the clock will start on schedule.  The referees will be clearly instructed to call Delay of Game penalties (re: Tournament Rules) if the situation arises.

(2) RULES + GENERAL BEHAVIOUR: Please ensure that all of your players have read and understood the Tournament Rules.

  • Our principal objective is to put together a competitive tournament while maximizing the standard of Islamic ethics to ensure that all participants have good, clean fun in a positive atmosphere.  The OC reserves the right to undertake any measures at any time to protect the well-being of participants and integrity of the tournament and its positive objectives. 
  • Subsequently, there is NO tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct, cursing/swearing/vulgarity, fighting and excessively rough demeanour.  The same also holds true for illegal/haraam substances.  Please bear in mind there are spectators and the premises are being used by others, including children.  Please maintain proper comportment while on the property and respect its regulations.
  • Violation of any of this will not be tolerated and may warrant harsh consequences. Please note that captains do bear responsibility for their respective teams.
  • Division Mangers and/or assigned individuals can make the call for any penalty/cursing/swearing/vulgarity in addition to the referee.
  • Please remember that the referees are trying their best so do not abuse them in any way.  If there is an issue or if you can offer suggestions or even criticism, feel free to speak to the Head of Officiating (Nabil H.) about it.

(3) WAIVER/LEGAL: ALL participants in the tournament, by virtue of registering or being registered (either by themselves or by a third party), have automatically granted consent to abiding by and accepting the Tournament Rules, including the Legal section.  It is the players' and their captain's responsibility that their team have read, understood and agreed to them. 

If a player is under 18, it is the team's responsibility that the player has parental consent for his participation in the tournament.


  • Please do not lounge around in the area right outside of the gyms or leave your equipment lying around there out of safety concerns and respect for other people using the premises.
  • Anyone not playing in a specific match or participating in it (ie. referee, scorekeeper) is requested to watch the game from outside of the gyms, in the spectators' area (i.e. balconies).
  • As per the facility's rules: do not bring any food items except water into the gymnasiums. Spilling any drink inside a gym will result in a delay of game penalty equivalent to the time it requires to clean up. 
  • Captains are responsible to ensure that when their teams vacate the gym after the game, their benches are clear of anything and everything (including water bottles, sticks, etc.).  Goalies are responsible to ensure the crease is clean after their game.
  • Please keep the bathroom clean - wipe dropped water before you leave, throw out garbage in the proper container, etc.  Remember it's a public bathroom and we should maintain it properly for everyone's use.
  • Please do not litter - there are garbage cans and recycling bins.  As Muslims, cleanliness and caring for the environment are an essential part of our faith, so please make sure to keep the place clean.

(5) PRAYER + GUEST SPEAKER: There is a congregational prayer for Muslim participants at the assigned times. 

  • To help in efficiency and reduce traffic, please ask your players to make wudhu (ablution) beforehand if your team is not playing right before the prayer break.  Also, please clean up after yourself after using the bathroom facilities.
  • In the event of a guest speaker, we request everyone to respectfully attend the short talk and listen attentively.


  • Please do not leave your equipment lying around. It is strongly recommended to bring a lock and use the locker rooms to store equipment and personal belongings. 
  • As mentioned, loss of any item is not the responsibility of the tournament/organizers and neither are injuries incurred.


  • We strongly recommend that players wear appropriate equipment (i.e. goggles, shin pads, gloves, helmet, etc.).  However, it is ultimately the player's responsibility to protect himself.


  • A team cannot wear the same or similar colour as their opposing team while playing a game.  In case of a colour conflict, the team with the lower colour priority must arrange for a different colour for the game.
  • We recommend every team bring an extra colour in case of a colour conflict. Alternately, pinneys can be borrowed at the facility; it is the team's responsibility to get them (note: ID will be required).



We need everyone's help in ensuring the tournament functions in a timely and proper fashion so as to keep it organized and enjoyable for everyone.  Your help in doing so is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all for what is expected to be another fun and action-packed tournament, insha-Allah!


The Organizing Committee